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I am a SAHM who does work from home occasionally, dedicated to raising 3 Godly, independent, healthy children. Loving the home building process though it is not without challenges. I have fairly free reign over the creative aspect of the project...just not the financial side!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HOME magazine

Today was the day that I got out of my gymgear and spruced up a little for an interview and photoshoot with NewsCorp. Eden Brae selected us to feature our house in a double page spread in the coming weeks/months. The lovely Anastasia from redo my space worked so hard accessorising and styling the rooms whilst I fluffed around. They took photos of the outside, the family/kitchen/meals, media room, master bedroom & ensuite. I'll let you know when it is going to be published - as long as we get warning!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Warm versus cool

A word of warning for those yet to go through their HSI appointment (electricals) with Eden Brae - if you have a preference for colour of your glow, make sure you state it even if you aren't asked about it. The HSI appointment can be daunting especially if your upgrade list is long. So many decisions are made that can be the make or break for a room or the way a house functions. I was not asked what colour I would like my 100 (yes, 100) downlights. I remember walking into my house when the electricals were done and thinking oh, NO! The cool fluro look was not what I was wanting to achieve. Rough calculations showed me that I was looking at about $2K to change them over - um, no, not in a hurry! I left that issue in the too hard basket.
Fast forward to yesterdays electrical maintenance visit. Apart from waiting at the house in the morning as I was told that they would be there then, the guys were fantastic. A real credit to their company, Quiklec. Pleasant, clean, efficient, accommodating, nothing was an issue even though some of the work was a little more difficult than they first thought (possibly due to work not being done correctly earlier). AJ from re-do my space hung out with me for the 3 hours they were there to ensure the lights were place correctly. She subtly asked one of the guys if there was anything we could do about the LED downlights given we were not given a choice and hence the default option was installed. Chris seemed to think that replacing them was not going to be a major issue as we had not moved in yet and used them much at all. We crafted an email to the company and I received a call today that Quiklec would replace them for me. Oh my! I am ecstatic and so is AJ. For my home, it will be a much nicer tone and it will now be the same as the lamps that we have bought. Thankyou Quiklec for your customer service.

We also experienced a plumbing issue today. The powder room toilet won't flush and the water keeps running. Eden Brae have sent a plumber out early tomorrow to investigate for me and to look at a possible leak in the rainwater tank piping.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My birthday shopping spree

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the day in a lovely way after a PT session and classroom help for Kindergarten - I went shopping with AJ from redo my space!! I decided to spend my birthday money (and more) on bedroom and bathroom items. We bought towels for the children, toilet brush holders, soap pumps and bed linen for our new King size bed. Oh, we managed to find bedside lamps too!

New bedroom furnishings

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wood stain

All very quiet on the building front. It looks like someone was there for a few hours on Monday but nothing since. Both supervisors are on leave. Hopefully that means that the job scheduled for Monday/Tuesday has been completed already.

I have been discussing with AJ from re-do my space the colour we selected for our staircase stain. As this occurred 12 months ago, I had no recollection or record of it. All I knew was that it was Taubmans Walnut. Research online and at my local Bunnings proved fruitless. We were desperately hoping that it wasn't too red in tone as the furniture we have bought is more of the chocolate variety. It would be too late to change it as well. Rather than emailing and waiting for a response from Home Options Gallery, I decided to pay them a visit this morning. Phew! Walnut (right hand side) is a nice brown colour and Jarrah (left hand side is the redder one)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So exciting!

Wow! The house is looking fantastic. Love, love, love it even without being cleaned or flooring in. We discovered a few issues to fix up.
* The laundry cupboards have been fitted out with shelving when we have put it in the contract to delete it all. The shelving installed is fine though they have not left us anywhere to store ironing board, brooms, mops etc. Troy is going to delete 1/4 of the shelving for that purpose.
* The vanities have incorrect mixers installed. Thanks to AJ for picking that up immediately. They are far too long and, in fact, are bath mixers.
* There is a motion sensor for my WIR missing.

Enjoy the photos.

Powder room vanity

Alarm pad (!)


Formal lounge

Stairs with step lights added

Undermount sink with mixer/vegie spray

Family room

Hallway to front door

My beautiful linen cupboard

Main bathroom (incorrect mixer)

Ensuite bathroom                                  

Ensuite shower
Ensuite bath


Half the laundry cupboard

Other half

Alfresco fans

Thursday, August 8, 2013

GUEST POST from re-do my space

Hello EB followers this is AJ from re-do my space!!
Today I'm going to update you with what's been going on with the decorating side of things for the house.
The time has finally come to start putting together the right mix of furniture and accessories, so it's all very exciting. Before I do, let me take you
back a little to how we got to where we are today.

The lovely Kerith had asked some time before demolition if I'd help put together the finishes and furnishings for their new home. I was more than happy to offer
my assistance to help bring their home to life. When I start with a client I need to get an idea of what they like. Favourite colours, looks, textures etc.
I have always believed a home needs to hold with the things that THEY love and treasure and be a place the whole family can relax and enjoy.
Of course I guided Kerith and gave her choices but at the end of the day it needs to suit their style as whole family.
I usually love working with what people already own but in Kerith's case she has had her exisiting furniture for so long that she wants a fresh start in their new place.
Some items have great potential so we are going to revamp them and mix them in with the new.

I remember our first meeting when we picked all the finishes was hilarious!!! It all started with the toilet ………….
When we saw that toilet we looked at each other, chuckled, popped a Mintie in our mouths and said to each other "this is going to be a looonnnng day".
Some things I wasn't prepared to back down on and neither was Kerith. So we tried to meet in the middle most times and we knew that with every change meant
more $$$ so we compromised.

This is the first picture that Kerith gave me. She liked the tones and the colours and this is where I started from.

This is where we are heading

My aim is to give the house a lighter feel whilst still incorporating Kerith's love of darker finishes.  I'm bringing in some
Turquoise blue that Kerith also liked so we create a lovely flow inside and out. It will be a work in progress and a finished home takes time.
A well thought out home cannot be rushed so I recommend doing it in stages. Let one piece at a time compliment the other and it will all melt together.

Actually after talking about having a lovely flow I better go as I need to follow up with Kerith what colour the pool is??

Thanks for taking the time to read today and if you have any questions please fire away. See you soon with some more updates.



Thursday, July 25, 2013

A teaser....

Tomorrow's post will contain loads of photos. I am meeting Troy on site tomorrow to check out the progress and the kitchen handles. I am hoping that I will have time to wander around and shoot away. Maybe I can give AJ (re-do my space) those honours whilst I talk to Troy.
The stackstone on the front portico has been started and whilst it looks good, it is darker or 'dirtier' than I thought it would be. Photo to come tomorrow.
I also sent a message to the Wardrobe World installer today as directed by their head office. I am keen to find out the cost to add some more drawers to the wardrobes - 2 is not enough and it seems our wardrobes are too shallow to accommodate any stand alone shelving.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A hive of activity today

The sun is shining bright and is expected to all week. GREAT, on account of the house being built and also the school holidays. There were a few tradies at the house today. I noticed that the sparkies had been to change the wiring in the entry way. We changed from wall points to light points at great cost. AJ from re-do my space has plans to install 2 of something like this on the wall just in the entry foyer with a console.

We also agreed to have 2 light points on either side of the house in lieu of the 2 downlights that we cannot have (see previous post)

I noticed today that the insulation has been installed at some stage recently. The photo here is not very clear from my boundary position.

Many guys were delivering copious amounts of gyprock today. The electrical company told me last week that it was due for the start of installation on Tuesday. Actually, you can probably see the insulation better in this photo.

The recent downpours of rain have again highlighted our drainage issue on one side of the house. Given our landscapers don't have access until after settlement, I don't think there is much we can do. I am sure that it doesn't make it easy for the builders nor is it possibly doing good things to the slab.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Facade changes and brick progress

Up close of the area above portico

Up close of the brick colour
You will notice the cover page of the blog has the representation of the house with the render added. We made the decision to stick with Mountain Shadow on both the render and the cladding. Pretty sure we did the right thing and if not, it is easy enough (!) to change the cladding colour later on. The brick colour is a fair bit darker than the picture as you can see by the photos and the other thing is that the fascia above the front cladding will be done in Monument.
Thanks to AJ from (redo) my space who spent extra time this weekend mulling over colours for me and visiting the site to peer through the fences.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

More facade news

"Whilst checking this all out, I have also discovered that a section of the facade is not listed to be rendered as per the advertised facade either. The area above the stackstone under the cladding on the roof gable is supposed to be rendered. We haven't paid for it to be built like that though we did ask for the Boston facade as per the website. Again, an oversight on the part of the Tender presenter that we also signed off on. This one is much easier to fix - it just involves money. Don't think we will do anything about it."

Word has come back this afternoon that for almost $2K, EBH will allow us to change this back to how it is pictured on their website. Now I say YES, I think we will do it but it then raises a paint change colour for the cladding just above it. Not entirely sure what colour but it needs to be lighter  - either garage door (Dune) or windows (off white) or stackstone colouring. Waiting to hear back from my trusty colour person, AJ from redo my space.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trying to keep the interest alive ;-)

With the lull in building works, I have vaguely thought about some interior decorating although I am leaving most of that to my gorgeous friend, AJ, from http://www.redomyspace.com.au/

I have been wondering for a while what to do with the large vertical wall area left by the walkin pantry in the kitchen near the cooktop run. See the plan below.

Whilst away in the summer holidays, I found this wall hanging that I love. Sounds like what we are trying to achieve in our family. I would love to find a way to add in 'We do Jesus'. So I am thinking that the kitchen/family/meals area will incorporate this red colour into the decor.

I also contacted a local landscape design company today with the hopes of getting the ball rolling on the gardens. My hope is to do the bare minimum initially and then add more in stages as money allows. I have sent them a copy of our landscape plan, designed by another company, as a starting point.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A progress report

It has been a week or two since the last blog post. Here is where we are at....

1) We are waiting to hear back from the first neighbour we approached to see if they will grant us an easement over their property. If we get a YES, we then need to approach another neighbour. Yes, 2 properties and therefore 2 lots of compensation and 2 other sets of legal fees!

2) I met with the lovely AJ from 're-do my space' on Monday. I feel really confident that she can help me to decorate the super large house so that it is warm & homely. AJ got me over the line too as far as taking it slow. I would LOVE to have the house nicely furnished from pretty much the moment we move in. Lately I have been thinking that this really isn't realistic especially as I want to do it right. I will pick a few key rooms to do first and then work on others as money allows. This house will have NO Fantastic Furniture in it ;-)

3) Still waiting on the pool quote/plan to be sent to me so that it can be added to the plan to go to council.

Off to Melbourne on Friday for my annual shopping, coffee, footy, wine, 5 star hotel trip with Brad and one of the companies that he is the client of. Bought new gloves today preparing for the icy cold temps we are expecting.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interior Design/Colours

In preparation for my COLOUR DAY in mid July with Home Options Gallery, I am meeting with my interior designer/friend Anastasia next week to talk all things colour & texture. I have a very basic idea of what I want but need help to pull it all together in a way that is not flat & bland.

Anastasia has a business called re-do my space. Check it out. http://www.redomyspace.com.au/
On top of her skill level, she is one of the loveliest people I know.