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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tyrrells PreCompletion Inspection

This inspection occurred yesterday rather than the scheduled today. I think all is pretty OK and usual. Lots of paint & plaster issues. There are two outstanding issues noted in bold & red ink on the first page that have not been completed from the first inspection.
Today should see our next independent inspection completed.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I can sniff the end now!

Matt rang tonight to update me on what has happened since we last spoke (and in his absence for 3 days this week). Everything has been done as per schedule though there was something (?) that materials were in short supply for. Timber for wardrobe rectification works? Can't remember what Matt said.
Matt told me that the house clean is still scheduled for tomorrow with Tyrells booked in for Wednesday September 18 and the painters/plasterers ready the following days for touchups. At this moment in time, carpet is due for installation on Monday 23rd though this could get pushed back depending on what is discovered at the Tyrells inspection.

I have been so impressed with Matt and the way he has taken this on board for 2.5 weeks. He has a few extra houses added on top of his workload making him extra busy. We are way ahead of schedule so he could have just let it ride whilst Troy was away. To the contrary! Lots of calls and emails, easy to talk to, organised some things to fix that he noticed were not quite right. Thank you Matt fromt he bottom of our hearts - what a legend!