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I am a SAHM who does work from home occasionally, dedicated to raising 3 Godly, independent, healthy children. Loving the home building process though it is not without challenges. I have fairly free reign over the creative aspect of the project...just not the financial side!
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pantry viewing

A few people are hassling for more posts from me. Really, there isn't much to post at the moment with no finished pool or gardens. As punishment, you can have boring pantry photos!
Loving the space especially given there isn't much in the kitchen outside the pantry ie. very little cupboard or drawer space. We even added in 2 overhead cupboards so it would have been dismal otherwise.
In the first photo, you can see packing boxes down below. They are excess plates, bowls & mugs for parties. Not sure whether, it will be kept in there or in the garage.
In the second photo, you can see that I have added a workstation of sorts. School paperwork, envelopes, stamps, chequebooks, pens, stationery, recipe books etc. Not such how much of it will stay there or get moved when other rooms are completed.