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Thursday, May 22, 2014

HOME Magazine

To celebrate hitting a WHOPPING 70,000 page visits, I thought I would post the magazine article done for the Telegraph paper a few weeks back. Even since we did the photoshoot, we have put up more artwork and got more furniture to fill in the gaps - an ongoing process that my husband loves so much (sarcasm)
A kind friend, looking to rebuild herself was sent this article by Eden Brae. I was waiting to see if I could get access to an A3 scanner!

I also ordered some new Freedom scroll armchairs for our bedroom today to take advantage of their sale of 50% off the second furniture item. Unfortunately, I will need to wait around 14 weeks for them as they are not in stock.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I can see clearly now

Our pantry window yesterday

Our pantry window today!
A big difference. I haven't been reporting in each day with the 'window journey' The short story is that Airlite rang last week and informed me that despite 3 of their representatives telling me I had ComfortPlus glazing, I didn't! They still believe that the damage is from the brickcleaning. Airlite were happy to replace any window in the house that I wished from them to replace. The following day, a glazier and I selected 20 to be replaced which happened today. If I feel the windows that have stayed are damaged (compared to the new ones installed today), I am to call for replacements. After six months, I can see clearly now!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Window issue STILL NOT resolved

I posted back on March 20 that the mystery of the cloudy windows had been solved but not yet resolved. Unhappily, I report that from my perspective we seem to be no closer to a resolution. It seems that Airlite cannot quite believe that one of their employees made 2 errors (installing a special glazing despite the work order stating it was to be standard clear glass AND installing it on the wrong side). I have had 3 people from Airlite out to check on the issue and assess the windows and now it seems they want to send out yet another to write a report. NO WAY! Enough of the round table discussions and buck passing, I want this fixed now. Six months of living with damaged windows is more than enough. And I don't want to wait around at home for tradespeople anymore than I already do.
Airlite need to replace the damaged windows (all parties agree) and flip the remaining undamaged but incorrectly glazed on the outside windows (all parties agree). I have requested that the new replacement windows be glazed to be like the other windows in the house (Airlite apparently are not agreeing to this as yet) Surely as a goodwill gesture and as compensation, this would not be an issue. I have been told that they wish for these windows to be as per my contract - standard clear glass. The only other option I will accept from Airlite is for them to replace every single window in this very large house with standard clear glass as per my contract with Eden Brae. I can assure you this is not on their list of preferred options at all.

A reminder of what some of my windows look like.....

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Update on Di Lorenzo

The tiler did show up, shortly after I hit the 'publish' button on yesterday's blog post despite not getting the call to confirm whether he would be making it or not. Fortunately for them, I was at home. The tile was replaced as requested though the tiler did say that the colour would be a little different due to being from a different batch. He wondered if this mattered to me given the tile was right in the middle of the bathroom and therefore very obvious. I felt I didn't really have a choice - a chipped tile or a slightly different shade? It looks fine!
Interestingly, I was able to view his job sheet for the day. Our job was listed for 10am (3rd job of the day) NOT the 7am timeslot. That information was not shared with me yesterday morning when I rang to ask where the tiler was ;-)