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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitchen handle update

 The news has come back from EBH that nothing can be done at this time with the handles.

"Unfortunately I don’t have good news for you. All cabinets, doors and drawers have been installed with the square handles (0115154). As you have found, this is as per the colour selection. The handle that you wish to change to (9112637), will not suit the holes that have been drilled. To change the handle, new doors would need to be made. You may consider changing this after settlement."

Whilst I understand that it was partially my mistake and we signed off on it, there is a part of me that is a little disappointed at the mistake that was made in the first place by the HOG consultant who confesses that she is 'not very good with numbers & letters' or in the words of another blogger 'a self-diagnosed dyslexic'.

One of my fellow Home One members who has both types of handles in his kitchen feels that we can definately do something in the future to rectify the situation even if it means contacting the kitchen supplier to assist. He also had errors in his HOG colour selection sheet.

WARNING to those about to embark on the journey - take photos of everything you select WITH codes visible to assist with crosschecking later down the track. Part of our problem was that we selected our products in July 2012 and didn't receive the final paperwork until January 2013.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Di Lorenzo

What? A post about Di Lorenzo at this stage of the build? Funny how things happen, eh? Last night at my daughters netball training, I was talking to another Mum who has recently started working for Di Lorenzo tiles in the Accounts Department. I thought I was fairy safe having a little whinge about the customer service & processes as this was not her area ;-) I suggested that Di Lorenzo have a look at the HOMEONE forums for informal feedback on how their customers view their products and service.
I received a call on my mobile phone from the General Manager, Raph, today. (waving HI to him!!)  I am still flabbergasted that he took my concerns seriously enough to take the time to call. In fact, it seems he has already taken my concerns seriously from reading my blog last year (directed to my blog by the CS Manager) Changes have been made to Di Lorenzo since my issues - a new estimator and a new admin person in the carpet area. Sort of offered me a job too LOL. With a wink & a nudge which of course he couldn't see via the phone, I asked him to note on my file that I need the VERY best tilers that Di Lorenzo have to offer sent to tile our house.

I am also writing this as it is very quiet on our site for some reason. No brickies yesterday or today. Not sure what is happening. Bricks are there in supply, the sun is shining, we have paid our bills.... Come back to work please!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Site start appointment

Yesterday in the sweltering heat, we all travelled over to Bella Vista to have our site start appointment. It was great to be able to put a face to the voice of our CSA, Rania. It was an efficient meeting with all my points dealt with - I am glad I took the advice of my fellow HomeOners and emailed Rania prior to the appointment.
Expected timeline from here.......
* Pool excavated on Monday 21//01
* Pool shell constructed, boarded up & fenced
* We notify EBH when that is completed who will order the peg out
* Once the survey from the peg out is received, our contract period begins.
* The slab should be poured within about 3 weeks.
A big relief to get to this point after 15 months of planning.

We did receive a confusing email from our Mortgage Angel yesterday regarding the pool. The email seemed to contradict itself. We are funding the pool ourselves though because it is part of the valuation for the house, it seems that CBA want the money upfront for that and to release funds themselves?? Brad questioned this with our Mortgage Angel who herself, didn't seem to understand what was required. Sitting tight on that one before we send over $50 K to CBA!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cool website

I stumbled across this website today as I navigated through some other HomeOne threads


I have maintained all along that this is something that Eden Brae should do for their clients to assist with complete satisfaction. It is so difficult to select colours from tiny swatches and know how they are going to fit together in your house. How good would it be to sit at Home Options Gallery & to finalise your colours based on a program like this? Interior & exterior. I am a highly visual person and need to see my colours working together. Hopefully in the future, it will all be computer aided - too late for us though.