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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maintenance - where are we up to? PART 2

Di Lorenzo, Di Lorenzo a) why is it so hard to replace a tile? b) provide a level of customer service/communication?
The chipped tile in the ensuite needs replacing as previously noted here on the blog. I am wary of these tiles as there have been no sharp objects in our bathrooms to cause damage yet quite a few chips?

Visit 1 by DiLorenzo - no spare tiles left on site for our ensuite. Will need to return.

Visit 2 by DiLorenzo - they wanted to come in the school holidays. OK by me but requested a call a few days prior to inform me of approximate time of visit so I could plan the day around them. No such call. The MJH contractors asked them to call first thing that day to let me know whenabouts they would be there. I went off to the gym at 6am and received a phone call from them at 7:15am to tell me they were 20mins away! Quickly rang my husband to get him to get up & shower before the bathroom was out of action. He arrived 10mins later to children too scared to answer the doorbell and a half naked husband. Guess what? He had been given the incorrect tile to bring. After my coplaint to MJH Contracting about the situation, I receive a baffling call from Di Lorenzo asking me what we selected for our ensuite flooring tile - they do not have the records anymore. Excuse me?! Why send a tiler out with a tile to replace if you have no idea which one needs replacing? Does not make sense to me. I look up my colour sheet, read out the colour and size and I am assured it has been ordered. I book the new appointment for 'the first of the day' on 30/04/14 which is around 7-7:30am, knowing I am always around then.

Visit 3 by DiLorenzo -Waiting today from 7am for a doorbell ring. Nope! I ring DiLorenzo at 8:15am who manages to ring the tiler to see where he is. He needed to collect some materials from Pitt Town before starting his day and he should be there at 9am. Ummmm, no! There was a reason I requested 7am. Blood was boiling. Please reschedule for first thing tomorrow was my curt reply....or I will be home between 11:45am and 2:45pm. The representative said she would recontact the tiler and find out if he could make it today and call me straight back - well, that was 3 hours ago!!

That is just the tiles. I will return to post about the window saga later.....ongoing!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maintenance - where are we up to?

Travelling along pretty well at the moment, I'd say. A month after our inspection, we are now just waiting for DiLorenzo to replace a chipped ensuite tile as we didn't have any spares on site and to have all our windows fixed.

This ended up being a little confusing for all parties. ComfortPlus glazing on our windows and stacker doors was part of our package with Eden Brae  - energy efficiency. When the Airlite representative came out a few weeks ago, he indicated that it had been installed incorrectly on all windows bar one. A glazier had put it on the wrong side of the glass. This would be fixed with the damaged ones replaced. Imagine my surprise when I received an email asking if I had installed any film on my windows. Ahhhh NO! A meeting was then called between all relevant parties at our house to try and find out what the issue was and who had made mistakes. Well, it was confirmed that the ComfortPlus was on the wrong side. The confusing thing was that all the paperwork from Airlite indicated that we didn't have any glazing on our windows at all. Yet another mistake from them! Heads were shaking. It will take a day or 2 for them to fix the mistakes made.

Special mention must go to Genneral Stairs. They made a surprise visit on Saturday afternoon to replace the glass balustrade panel that had sticker/suction marks on it (not removable). The lovely company rep then went back out to the truck and brought in a larger panel to replace another one that was scratched (general wear & tear already). He had remembered its condition when he left the factory that morning and loaded an extra panel for what he called a nice customer. It's the little things like that that make a customer happy. I think I declared my undying love & affection for him there and then ;-)

MJH Contracting have done a great job of co-ordinating trades to be on-site. I am fortunate that I don't have to be out of the home for my work but to be honest, I would find it a little frustrating if days of annual leave needed to be taken for all the days when I needed to be at home.