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I am a SAHM who does work from home occasionally, dedicated to raising 3 Godly, independent, healthy children. Loving the home building process though it is not without challenges. I have fairly free reign over the creative aspect of the project...just not the financial side!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Flurry of activity

As I drove past this morning on my way to my favourite cafe to grab a coffee (Curl the Whisker), I was amazed at the scene. Two utes for Outback Landscaping & 3 for Abbey Blinds. Outback are fixing the council footpath out the front that had been mutilated! Pedestrians were a little put out on the way to school and cars found it hard to navigate when there were 2 in opposite directions. Oh well! It will all be over soon...until the house 2 doors down is knocked down, land subdivided and 2 houses rebuilt!