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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Update post on wardrobe & splashback

I received a phone call today from the owner of HOG, Alan. A lovely guy and very easy to chat to. He was keen to work out a solution to THEIR problem (he stressed this LOL). Alan is going to come up with a sketch of a possible solution using melamine only in conjunction with Wardrobe World or some other company who may complete the reachins (Fab Kitchens or Stegbar) Alan thinks the sliding doors we added may be the issue though Giovis, the installer did not think so when I spoke with him. I will leave it in Alan's capable hands.
I also spoke to him regarding the splashback issue (tiling not going up to the bulkhead behind the rangehood) I mentioned a checklist for consultants of items to suggest/discuss would be a beneficial tool to ensure consistency across clients/consultants. Alan has offered to raise a Building Variation to get the splashback tiled at cost price - I will be happy to sign that one off. Thankyou HOG.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Site visit = photo fest

Alfresco tiles

Rangehood, cupboards with THE handles, stonetops

Undermount sink & stonetop

Sink 'run'

Whopping watertank

Powder room vanity

Front door from inside

Main bathroom vanity - part of 3 way bathroom

Ensuite vanity

Ensuite - floor to ceiling tiling

Stackstone is nearly finished
It was rather difficult to talk, measure and take photos at the same time so there aren't too many for you but you get the idea.
Kitchen handles - I think we will leave them for the moment and readdress later down the track if we wish to.
Everything else is looking great. There is a slab issue in the kitchen/family area that is being addressed before tiles are laid (apparently an easy fix)
I am particularly loving the laundry but I was too busy ooh-ing and aah-ing to take a photo. The LONG bench on one side and the double cupboard on the other are amazing!