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Friday, August 23, 2013

And he is OFF!

On holidays! I wish him all the sun and sand that he can get as he deserves a good rest. Thanks Troy for all your hard work at keeping our job moving along. I am sure when he sees kitchen handles or basin mixers in Bali, he will think of those 2 annoying blondes Kerith & AJ back in Sydney LOL.

I received a phone call from DiLorenzo yesterday updating me on my delayed main floor tiles. They will arrive in Melbourne on Tuesday and be airfreighted up ASAP. The tilers will be ready to lay as soon as they arrive, I was promised.

Troy sent me a parting screenshot this morning with changes due to the delay in tiles. He mentioned the other rectification works that are scheduled to occur in his absence of 3 weeks.
"I have scheduled works as per the screenshot below. Other works to occur include- tiling behind rangehood, rectifying damaged tile to ensuite shower, rectification works to robes and treatment to isolated staining on bricks. I have am expecting to receive an answer on shortening the shelving to the linen and have left the vanity basin mixer query with Rania." 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Next screenshot

I received an email from Troy this morning which included this screenshot of the program for the next 2 weeks. Looks like a lot of it depends on how the painters are going.

Email from Troy.....

"Another good week on site. Tiling to wet areas complete and painting has commenced. We did have a bit of a hiccup with the stone tops to the wet areas having to be replaced because a hole was drilled behind the basins when the taps are wall mounted. They were replaced pretty quick and didn’t hold up progress though.
 Did have a complaint from a neighbour re rubbish on site. I explained our policy and procedure regarding rubbish. I had previously scheduled a Yard clean which will occur today. I explained to to the neighbour that we have milestones when rubbish would be removed and it is impractical to have the rubbish removed on a weekly schedule. I also asked if there was any rubbish outside of the site, to which she said “no”. She was purely concerned with the volume of rubbish on site. Just thought I would give you the heads up on this."

Sounds like Troy dealt with the issue. The neighbour is going to have to deal with more building on the other side of her house when it gets developed soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A quick spontaneous inspection....

....but sorry, no photos! I made a visit to the house this afternoon to see if I could take photos from outside. The carpenters were still there and so was Troy. After a chat, Troy offered a quick run through the house before he had to leave to go elsewhere. Happy to!
It was great to see the gyprock on, cornices, some doors on, stairs installed etc. Gives a better idea of the size of rooms. Other things noted include
* The garage door is on but hidden out of view
* The laundry cupboards are amazing - LOVE!
* The lowered ceiling in the powder/mud area doesn't look too bad really
* I really don't like the airconditioning box in Bed 3 :-(
* The decorative corbel has been taken off and half of it replaced.
* The wardrobes for the children do not seem very deep at all (450mm)
* The manhole has had to be moved to Brad's WIR due to a roof truss being in the way.
* Bricks can be left for us to use for landscaping
* The noisebatts and soundcheck gyprock has been installed between BED 1 and BED 2.
Troy confirmed that all is still on track for work to progress as per the latest screenshot.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An exciting screenshot

I love this one! It shows us what is going to occur in the next 2 weeks if everything goes according to EBH plans. Doors, stairs, waterproofing and even the start of the kitchen installation.

For those interested to know (Niall), I heard back from Troy about the frame inspection report from H&K Ryan. He emailed it back to me and had signed/dated each of the items fixed.

I had also asked Troy if anything could be done with the drainage issue on the north side of the house. The frame report from H&KRyan seemed to indicate that it could be an issue...

Surface Water Drainage: The retention of water from surface run off could have an effect on this dwellings foundation material which in turn could affect the slab to this house inspected.
Best practice is to monitor the flow of surface water and stormwater run off and have the water directed away from the house and then into storm water pipes by a qualified and licensed Plumber & Drainer.
Subject to this Builder’s contract specifications as to what is being allowed for by the way of surface water drainage, (Reference: AS: 2870 Appendix B, B2.3 (a) for site drainage requirements.) 

Troy seems to think that there is not an issue with the water...
"Re drainage, unfortunately we can't have any one go in to do any work as you know. Given the recent weather, there is some water sitting around. The house is on piers of uniform bearing, so the water won't affect the structure"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Screenshot for this coming week

Finally some major action on site scheduled though rain IS forecast tomorrow

Troy also wants to meet up on site to discuss aircon vents. Name the time & I'm there!

On our current home, it is all action here. I sorted out the childrens' rooms today and started filling my Aussie Skip Bag sitting on the driveway. I am meeting with the handyman tomorrow and the new carpet is booked in to be laid next Monday. Not much rest here until the removalists have been next Wednesday

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Screenshot for next 2 weeks

Moved into the green now. Only 5 days behind! #itsthelittlethingsinlife

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Screenshot of upcoming work

Geez, 11 days behind already. Bad luck Troy! Not sure what those 11 days were.....