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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pool reflections

Apart from a post to show you our newly laid waterline tiles, I thought I would update you on the latest decisions we had to make on the pool.
A few weeks prior to Christmas, I was surprisingly informed that there was an extra cost to be incurred. The backwash pipe allowance in the contract is for 6m but we would need about 30m to reach the sewer gully. To extend, it would cost about $1200. Upon baulking at paying that, it was suggested that we change to a centrifugal filter - no backwashing required, with Concept picking up the extra $50. Great - signed off on it.
Fast forward to January when our landscaping team asked how we were going to remove waste water from the pool in the case of days of heavy rain. Not sure? was my answer. The Finishing supervisor suggested hooking up a hose, carrying to the stormwater absorption pit and dumping in there. The Director of Concept suggested just letting it overflow and evaporation will do its trick. Neither solution sat comfortably with me at all.
Tim Hayward and his boys suggested getting a plumber to do the pipework as they could not see how it could possibly be $1200 worth and requesting the original filter in the contract. Done! We had a plumber by that afternoon ($250 plus the pipes which are yet to be invoiced) with the job completed.
Well done Hayward Landscaping - not something in their brief but took it on willingly.
I sent an email to Concept Pools informing them of the work completed (installing a gully on the boundary shaft and raising it to the new ground level; run a line to the new gully) so imagine my surprise when I then received the contract variation from THEM for over $1000 to complete the work. Now having sent them photos, I hope that we receive the correct filter to install.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Almost there!

Tomorrow, with turf laying, will see the end of the major landscaping works. After the pool is finished, there will be some minor touchups to complete. So happy with the plant selection and can't wait to see them grow and grow and grow. We have 3 trees that need to grow to beyond 15m high as per council stipulations. We have gone for a more tropical look with palms, camellias and a few frangipanis

Still need timber on the seating

Turf in the middle

The paving is now going to be sealed
Turf here too

Our waterline tiles arrived today

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A week makes a difference

Whilst we have been away for a week, the landscapers returned to work and have been busy. We have a new back boundary fence (which we gifted to the neighbours), we have some travertine paving, we have rendered retaining walls and we even have our pool coping in place. There is a back story to that one.....
I sent an SMS to Concept Pool supervisor as a reminder to book in the next stage for mid January when they supposedly returned to work. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply back to say that they were expected on site the very next day! Shortly after I received an SMS asking me if the waterline tiles were on site ready to be laid???? Ummmm, NO! I wasn't under the impression that I needed to source them though I did know that they and many other items were not in the contract price eg. coping pavers, pool equipment, solar heating. PANIC! I was away on holidays and didn't really cherish the idea of coming back to Sydney to source tiles. No idea what I needed or where to get them at short notice. I was called back and told 'not to worry' - the coping could still be done and that it would not hold up the construction. I would need to go into the office next week and select a tile which then could be ordered for me. Crisis averted but where on earth is the management process for this company?? All it would have taken is a courtesy email or phone call to ask me to select my tiles. Even if it was all clearly explained to me (which it wasn't), it was 18 months ago that we signed up with the company and so much has happened since then.