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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lower roof completed

Lower roof done today. Most of it is out the rear of the house which is a no access zone  - sorry, no photos.
I received my Building Variation today for the airconditioning changes to be made as per yesterdays visit. One half of it (the ground floor ceiling height change) was left off the paperwork. I alerted Rania who will amend this Variation before I sign it.
Howard Ryan called today to finalise his independent inspection time and payment for next Thursday late afternoon. He does this first inspection prior to internal linings/lockup.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vanity idea??!!

I met Troy on site today but forgot to ask him if Eden Brae can get our vanities hooked up like this. I heard they also come in white! Cool idea.

I met Troy to discuss some issues with airconditioning. At the plumbers/Troy's suggestion earlier, we moved the hot water service to the media room wall to help with efficiency. In fact, it was moved to the family room external wall right where the outdoor airconditioning unit is to be positioned. I agreed that it was OK to be moved to the media room wall instead. In fact, we agreed it would probably be better there anyway - less noise in the area we will spend the most.
We also have a few issues with the ducting coming downstairs to the living areas mainly due to the structural changes we made. When I ask for changes and they get approved, I assumed all aspects had been looked at to ensure it works. Um NO! As of today, we will now lose a corner of BED2 for ducting and the powder room, WC and mudroom area will have the roof lowered to standard height to enclose some ducting. Not particularly happy about it but they are our best options now.

Whilst I was there, we had the airconditioning roughin happening and the roofing had started. Torrential rain saw the roofing guys shut up shop. Lockup should be in about 2 weeks time and the gyprock will begin.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bricks cleaned on upper storey

Cladding on front facade installed too

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Chocolatto bricks
I would think that there will be a lull in building over the next few days with the forecasted HEAVY rain. A real pity as we aren't far from lockup now - just a few weeks.