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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Resolution of issue

I rang Sydney Water to get advice (this person was not so snootty) and to change my forwarding address so bills come to me not the unoccupied premises. Procedure is to ring PAL to report the crime and then to call back to request a new meter. Once that was done, I needed to organise a plumber to check the pipes to ensure that they are not missing or damaged as Sydney Water can't install a new meter if that is the case. My lovely plumber, Brian, from Asquith Plumbing is checking out the situation this afternoon for me.
Apparently, the crims can get about $3-4 for a meter! Spending spree coming up.

A stolen water meter:-(

Upon inspection, it appears that our water meter has been stolen. All that is left is a tap & a big, constant drip. I have done some Googling and it appears I need to report it to the police to get a reference number and then call Sydney Water.

I have a feeling that moving onto a relatively busy road, from a private access road off a cul-de-sac, is going to be a shock to the system. Mail taken from the letterbox,  people loading our bins up with inappropriate rubbish, stealing water meters....

Does anyone know what this is? Found it sticking out of the ground after the excavation. Suggestions?