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Friday, May 31, 2013

A little rendering...

Not sure if this needs to be painted or not - the colour is pretty close to what we selected.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

More on blinds

Last week, Abbey Blinds recontacted us to see where we were at with the selection of our window coverings. I told the that we had sought other quotes and as Abbey's figure wasn't close to the other two, we had selected someone else. As we hadn't actioned that other quote, they asked if they could try to match it. Certainly was my answer especially as Abbey have the rights to enter the house for measure up and to install BEFORE handover. This has the advantage of not having to dress the windows with temporary coverings. Abbey came back with a figure within $800 of the other quote we were going to accept, saying that they could not go lower as their timber is a superior timber (poplar) to the other company's. Fair enough.
Unfortunately I did read on my building forum today that one Eden Brae customer has experienced issues with Abbey installing the incorrect blinds and doing it after settlement on the house. I have sent back an email asking for an explanation and asking what measures will be taken to ensure that this does not happen in our experience with Abbey ;-)
I am still trying to work out what sort of coverings will go on our 2 stacker doors. Leaning towards sunscreen roller blinds
Example of roller blinds for the stackers

Plantation shutters throughout the remainder of the house

Our current home

The last few weeks have seen us starting the process of thinking seriously about the sale of the house we currently call home. When do we put it on the market (still unsure), how much work do we do to it (not much), what do we do to it, who do we list the house through etc.
Some of the things we will do include garden blitz, house washing, deck sanding/staining, decluttering, new ensuite vanity, new carpet upstairs, bathroom sealing and new grout and some furniture moving especially in our large downstairs rumpus room.
As for who we list it through?? That decision lies with Brad. There are 2 or 3 good agencies currently seeking our listing.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Upper scaffolding removed

As the photos tell, the scaffolding from the upper storey was removed today despite the painters going AWOL for the past few days. The 'courier' as he called himself said that they may be able to get a builders frame up there to do the painting required up high. Work can now continue on the lower storey - roofing, eaves etc.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Screenshot for next 2 weeks

Moved into the green now. Only 5 days behind! #itsthelittlethingsinlife

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bricks cleaned on upper storey

Cladding on front facade installed too

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Chocolatto bricks
I would think that there will be a lull in building over the next few days with the forecasted HEAVY rain. A real pity as we aren't far from lockup now - just a few weeks.

Kitchen Culture phone call

I received a phone call from Kitchen Culture yesterday. My heart was racing. It could only mean bad news! Last year, receiving a call from them was like getting blood from a stone.
The call was from a lovely consultant, Isabella, to say that they had noticed that our microwave provision was higher than standard. KC wanted to check that we were OK with this. Our provision is 10cm higher than standard. To change it, it would mean gaining 10cm in the upper cupboards and losing 10cm from the appliance cupboard. Looking at the diagram below, I am pretty sure that it OK and with the hope that our children will start to use the kitchen more regularly, moving it down 10cm can only be a good thing.
Thankyou Kitchen Culture for your proactive approach - if you took your time to call the customer, it must be something you felt was important!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Upper eaves

Window for my WIR is 'exposed' with tape ripped off it
Upper eaves completed. To be painted in Bristol Greylocks

Friday, May 17, 2013

Slow progress

Nothing much to report from the building site for reasons unknown to me. Yesterday something was delivered from Hudsons. Maybe the eaves as per the schedule? Today there was someone there very briefly but from behind the fence, I am not sure what they achieved. The screenshot suggests 'scaffold lower eaves install' but I am not clear what that is and what I should be looking for.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Partially roofed

Today saw some of the Colorbond roofing installed. They only do the upper roof now as the scaffolding is in the way of the lower roof. Any work that needs scaffolding will be done now ie eaves, downpipes etc
The bottom two photos have been kindly sent by our beautiful neighbours to be from their back fence. Anyone for a swim?

Next screenshot

Monday, May 13, 2013

Roofing install started

Notice the 'blue' up on the roof

Delivery of some Colorbond roofing

Wardrobe update

 In some spare time today, I started to followup on an email I sent to Wardrobe World a few weeks ago. WW are fitting out our wardrobes at a HUGE cost before handover. There are advantages to doing it this way ie. any scratches, issues, dents would be Eden Brae's problem to deal with.

I rang WW today to confirm that particularly in the walkin robes the shelving runs the entire length of the walls. Our robes are reasonably large at about 2.3mx2.4m. It has been confirmed that the fitout won't stop short of the walls.

I have been thinking that 2 drawers will not be enough for any of us. Not being the neatest of gals, I would prefer my clothes to be enclosed. I asked whether it was possible to request changes to the fitout and pay WW privately. A note has been added to the file so that when the job is ordered, the installer will contact me. I am thinking 3 extra drawers for Brad and I and 2 extra for the children's??

In the kids wardrobes
His & Hers walkin (one each)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working on a Saturday

Huge amount of water pooled at side of house
The bricks were removed to make way for the cladding

Drove past this morning on the way home from netball to see some guys working on site. Went by again this afternoon and actually stopped to try and find out what they were doing. The response received by the guy listening to the races on the radio was a vague 'just fixing up a lot of stuff'. Whilst that gives me an uneasy feeling, I also feel reassured that Troy is carefully checking the work being done by the subbies. I know they demolished the part of the facade that was overbricked now allowing for the cladding to be installed.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Onsite photos - yay!

From water tank slab looking up the side...towards garage

From backyard to the house

From rumpus room to kitchen/pantry

Rumpus room window (room with a view - NOT!)

Where the front doors and sidelights will be

For AJ - the mudroom area

Family room & alfresco from doorway
Photo fest today. I was fortunate enough to have a site visit for the first time today. I am still buzzing! So excited. Tim, from Hayward Landscapes, and I walked around the site so that he could get a better idea of the lay of the land to put together a quote/concept plan.
I was able to meet Troy, our SS, today as well. Good to put a face to the name. I am confident in his ability to deliver us a quality house. He did pick up a brickie error today.
As you can see from this photo, they have bricked where there is meant to be cladding (roof gable). Troy asked if I wanted it left this way. No, thanks! It will be pulled down in preparation for the cladding to be done.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guttering installed

Our beautiful Monument gutters installed

Today saw a new invoice arrive in my inbox heralded the end of the brickwork stage. Not sure what comes next? Roof? Eaves? Render? Cladding?

Sad news

You will notice that the picture above has returned to the original one with facebrick above the portico. I have just received a phone call from my CS Manager, Bev, who was the bearer of bad news. The bricks used cannot take the render according to the brick manufacturer, PGH. I suppose we could try to go ahead with it but to be dealing to render falling off constantly - no, thanks! I'll keep it as it was and pocket the $2.5K for something else. Disappointed in the outcome. To those thinking about building, I reiterate....check your plans carefully to save future headaches/heartaches.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Today's progress

The area to be stackstoned appears to have been completed today