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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Handyman work

Today the long list of small fiddly jobs was started by my lovely Hire-A-Hubby, Heath. There was a lot of painting and hanging on the list, including our retaining walls outside.

BEFORE - bench seat

AFTER - bench seat

BEFORE - Herb garden

AFTER - Herb garden


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PCI completed

Today seemed to go remarkably smoothly despite feeling under the weather with a virus. I had spent the previous 24 hours in bed. I went armed with checklists for each & every room, a torch, charger to test power points, cloth to wipe surfaces, the contract, variation sheets etc and of course, I used none of it! Troy was so thorough in his checking of the work. Most of the work to be done is paint/plaster work. Tyrrells and Howard Ryan are both re-inspecting tomorrow. All items noted, together with the items of the independent inspectors will be rectified prior to settlement. At this stage, it should be by the end of next week (7-8 working days). It will be a great way to end my birthday week.

Kids study


Laundry cupboard where they have fixed up shelving

2 VERY happy girls

A fuzzy powder room vanity


Adults study

My lovely linen cupboard

Bedroom 1

Another angle - the walls look green?

Ensuite bathroom

Main bath

Main bath

Main bath

Main bath

Fuzzy upper hallway

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So exciting!

Wow! The house is looking fantastic. Love, love, love it even without being cleaned or flooring in. We discovered a few issues to fix up.
* The laundry cupboards have been fitted out with shelving when we have put it in the contract to delete it all. The shelving installed is fine though they have not left us anywhere to store ironing board, brooms, mops etc. Troy is going to delete 1/4 of the shelving for that purpose.
* The vanities have incorrect mixers installed. Thanks to AJ for picking that up immediately. They are far too long and, in fact, are bath mixers.
* There is a motion sensor for my WIR missing.

Enjoy the photos.

Powder room vanity

Alarm pad (!)


Formal lounge

Stairs with step lights added

Undermount sink with mixer/vegie spray

Family room

Hallway to front door

My beautiful linen cupboard

Main bathroom (incorrect mixer)

Ensuite bathroom                                  

Ensuite shower
Ensuite bath


Half the laundry cupboard

Other half

Alfresco fans

Friday, August 2, 2013

Next screenshot

I received an email from Troy this morning which included this screenshot of the program for the next 2 weeks. Looks like a lot of it depends on how the painters are going.

Email from Troy.....

"Another good week on site. Tiling to wet areas complete and painting has commenced. We did have a bit of a hiccup with the stone tops to the wet areas having to be replaced because a hole was drilled behind the basins when the taps are wall mounted. They were replaced pretty quick and didn’t hold up progress though.
 Did have a complaint from a neighbour re rubbish on site. I explained our policy and procedure regarding rubbish. I had previously scheduled a Yard clean which will occur today. I explained to to the neighbour that we have milestones when rubbish would be removed and it is impractical to have the rubbish removed on a weekly schedule. I also asked if there was any rubbish outside of the site, to which she said “no”. She was purely concerned with the volume of rubbish on site. Just thought I would give you the heads up on this."

Sounds like Troy dealt with the issue. The neighbour is going to have to deal with more building on the other side of her house when it gets developed soon.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Very quiet on site

....so I sent an email to Troy to see if what the reason was. I was still waiting on a reply to an email I sent on the weekend regarding possible damage to the house/site following our unwanted visitors on the weekend. The reply I received went like this :-

"There were some issues with material supply (fascia was scheduled for 31st May). Fascia and gutter will now be installed tomorrow with roof rail and roofing to follow. Given this all goes to plan, we will not have lost any time, just compressed the window that they would normally have to carry out the installation. Thanks."

I am still not sure where the external painters disappeared to?? Maybe the revised plan is to do upper & lower storeys at once

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Upper scaffolding removed

As the photos tell, the scaffolding from the upper storey was removed today despite the painters going AWOL for the past few days. The 'courier' as he called himself said that they may be able to get a builders frame up there to do the painting required up high. Work can now continue on the lower storey - roofing, eaves etc.