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Monday, December 9, 2013

Another pool non-update

Following the no-show on Friday, I contacted the owner of Home Option Gallery. HOG have a display room where various companies (such as Concept Pools) can provide fittings and finishings for Eden Brae Homes. Not knowing where to turn and having spoken to Alan before, I gave him a call. Today, we had a discussion surrounding the issues and he promised to find out what was going on. Within an hour, I had an SMS letting me know that they would be on site to do the plumbing on Thursday or Friday. I won't hold my breath. The rain we have had this evening might delay them another 2 weeks (hint of sarcasm to be noted) What puzzles me is that on Monday December 2, I was given an estimated date of Friday December 6. Without more than 2-3mm of rain hitting the ground, it has now blown out to a week later???
A  big thankyou to HOG for listening to me and validating how I am feeling about the situation. Here's hoping that we can all work towards a solution ie. a completed pool!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Concept Pools

I have been asked by a few people about my experience so far with Concept Pools, specifically if I would recommend them. Publicly, my answer is that the jury is still out on that one.
I would change the way I went about the whole process. In my naivety  and desire to make things easier on myself, I made the assumption that engaging the services of Concept Pools would be a good move. Concept have an office at Home Options Gallery and build the pools for Eden Brae's display homes so I thought there was a link there between the two. Nothing could be further from the truth as confirmed in an email from the owner today. I went with Concept thinking that the two companies would help to make the process smooth and didn't even shop around for competitive quotes.

I have found the people I have dealt with to assume that I have knowledge on pool building and get frustrated with my questions; I have found communication delays to be less than desirable either by email or phone call; I am unsure about the quality of the build as to date I only have a concrete shell; I have been asked to keep Eden Brae management out of my email correspondence (I CCed one into my last one) as it has 'nothing to do with them'; I was told before signing that it would take a week to finish off the pool once the house was completed. I was not told that 'week' would be over stages with long gaps due to situations outside their control from other companies. One week is now in an ideal world, according to them;

So to date, we are still waiting for the Finishing Supervisor to contact the landscaper to schedule a time to start his work laying pipes. We were expecting that to be done about 2 weeks ago.

Read this and make your own decision about whether you would use them. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wood stain

All very quiet on the building front. It looks like someone was there for a few hours on Monday but nothing since. Both supervisors are on leave. Hopefully that means that the job scheduled for Monday/Tuesday has been completed already.

I have been discussing with AJ from re-do my space the colour we selected for our staircase stain. As this occurred 12 months ago, I had no recollection or record of it. All I knew was that it was Taubmans Walnut. Research online and at my local Bunnings proved fruitless. We were desperately hoping that it wasn't too red in tone as the furniture we have bought is more of the chocolate variety. It would be too late to change it as well. Rather than emailing and waiting for a response from Home Options Gallery, I decided to pay them a visit this morning. Phew! Walnut (right hand side) is a nice brown colour and Jarrah (left hand side is the redder one)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hmmm....more wardrobes

But first I'll give you a photo of the house from this week, taken with my phone....

Yesterday I received a Building Contract Variation from my CSA for the amendments to be made as already discussed with Alan from HOG. I had already viewed it on my phone earlier in the day and printed it off when I got home ready to sign, scan and email back. As I signed it, I noticed a line in the NOTES section "10 calendar days will be added to your construction time due to these variations....". No way! An error on their behalf and I am penalised 2 weeks for it?? It wasn't going to happen. I might even offer to accept settlement with the wardrobes unfinished if I needed to meet in the middle but there was little chance of 2 weeks being slapped on the contract for giving wardrobes some extra height.
The lovely Bev rang me today, and amongst chatting about everything else under the sun, she took responsibility for the note on the BCV and apologised. She was asked how long it would take to fix it up, said about 2 weeks but didn't expect it to be added to the contract time by the other staff member. Bev said she should have been a little clearer in her answer. All forgiven here ;-)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Update post on wardrobe & splashback

I received a phone call today from the owner of HOG, Alan. A lovely guy and very easy to chat to. He was keen to work out a solution to THEIR problem (he stressed this LOL). Alan is going to come up with a sketch of a possible solution using melamine only in conjunction with Wardrobe World or some other company who may complete the reachins (Fab Kitchens or Stegbar) Alan thinks the sliding doors we added may be the issue though Giovis, the installer did not think so when I spoke with him. I will leave it in Alan's capable hands.
I also spoke to him regarding the splashback issue (tiling not going up to the bulkhead behind the rangehood) I mentioned a checklist for consultants of items to suggest/discuss would be a beneficial tool to ensure consistency across clients/consultants. Alan has offered to raise a Building Variation to get the splashback tiled at cost price - I will be happy to sign that one off. Thankyou HOG.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wardrobe update

I spent most of the morning out on site today, either waiting for someone or meeting with someone. Troy and I had a chat in the house whilst we waited for Wardrobe World who were running quite late.
We looked at the kitchen splashback. After looking at another blog, I was told that tiling behind the rangehood is not standard. We need to ask for it. Personally, I think it looks incomplete. When overhead cupboards are requested, a quick question of 'do you wish to extend your splashback?" should not be too hard?! Or even at the DiLorenzo appointment when you select the tiles for the splashback. Troy is going to investigate options for me.
I met with Giovis and discussed some additions to our wardrobes (extra drawers and shoe racks). Payment to be made directly to him for that.
Giovis ran through the issue with me that he is experiencing a little of late. The reachin wardrobes selected (melamine shelves) need to have a depth of 600mm or a door height of more than 2200mm. It is clearly stated on the document that HOG have but it is not being addressed when selections are done. My option is to go with wire shelving with some melamine but this is not acceptable to me when I have deleted wire shelving throughout the house and paid for a premium product. Troy is going to talk to Customer Service to see what our other options are. Possibly another company can supply the reach-ins.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitchen handle update

 The news has come back from EBH that nothing can be done at this time with the handles.

"Unfortunately I don’t have good news for you. All cabinets, doors and drawers have been installed with the square handles (0115154). As you have found, this is as per the colour selection. The handle that you wish to change to (9112637), will not suit the holes that have been drilled. To change the handle, new doors would need to be made. You may consider changing this after settlement."

Whilst I understand that it was partially my mistake and we signed off on it, there is a part of me that is a little disappointed at the mistake that was made in the first place by the HOG consultant who confesses that she is 'not very good with numbers & letters' or in the words of another blogger 'a self-diagnosed dyslexic'.

One of my fellow Home One members who has both types of handles in his kitchen feels that we can definately do something in the future to rectify the situation even if it means contacting the kitchen supplier to assist. He also had errors in his HOG colour selection sheet.

WARNING to those about to embark on the journey - take photos of everything you select WITH codes visible to assist with crosschecking later down the track. Part of our problem was that we selected our products in July 2012 and didn't receive the final paperwork until January 2013.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kitchen handle potential disaster

Photo courtesy of fellow EBH bloggers Anne & Alok
It has come to my attention over the weekend that we are going to have an issue with our kitchen cupboard handles. I went back to our paperwork and discovered that I had overcorrected a mistake made by Home Options Gallery in the final paperwork. When we received our colour selection sheet, we realised that the incorrect bathroom vanity handles were recorded and alerted our consultant. She changed this manually on our sheet and assured us that it would make it's way onto our final documents. Of course when our final documents came through, they were still incorrect. I changed them to what we had selected (the square ones pictured second from the bottom) but also accidentally overcorrected and changed the kitchen ones to these as well. I am sure they are going to look 'wrong' in the kitchen. At this stage, I am not sure whether they have been added to the cabinets or not. I have Eden Brae looking into the situation for me and i have requested a site visit to check it all out. If they have already been attached, we may have problems with screw holes :-( If only an error had not been made in the first place......

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I know you have all had sleepless nights like myself over the issue so I thought I would put you out of your misery. EBH have provided a favourable outcome for me. It will be replaced within a few weeks. The contractor has installed the incorrect mould and the 'squarer' one will be now put on the house facade.
I still think that an issue has been raised that this particular selection was not discussed with us (and others hanging in HomeOne forums) at our Home Options Gallery appointment. We were asked to select paint colour for the corbel/mould only. If we ARE allowed to select a profile, it needs to be included at this appointment.
Our internal staircase is being installed today. I stood on the footpath watching them for a while which provided the contractors with some entertainment. It will take a while to be completely finished (staining and glass balustrading) but looks good so far!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inconsistent prices

This blog post is more for EBH to read (!) and for me to have made a note for when/if they ask for feedback at the end of the process.
There has been discussion on the forum I participate in lately about inconsistent pricing. I don't know why but this makes me an angry Kerith! So clients were saying that they received a price for an item at tender which differed to the price they were given at their HOG selection appointment eg. overhead cupboards, pot drawers etc. Sometimes the tender price was more, sometimes less. Surely, an overhead cupboard is the same price with the same company whether you request it in tender stage or just after. Comments were made that it seems like the tender presenter just guesstimates. This does not inspire confidence in the EBH process at all.

Further to my post yesterday about the cool website from one of Eden Brae's competitors....I sent a link to my lovely Manager Bev. She forwarded it on to the Home Option Gallery Manager who was quite interested. They can see the benefit for EBH & their clients. A company has done something similar for a few builders and it has only recently gone live. Maybe next time I build an Eden Brae house....;-)   (Brad doesn't read this blog, does he?!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cool website

I stumbled across this website today as I navigated through some other HomeOne threads


I have maintained all along that this is something that Eden Brae should do for their clients to assist with complete satisfaction. It is so difficult to select colours from tiny swatches and know how they are going to fit together in your house. How good would it be to sit at Home Options Gallery & to finalise your colours based on a program like this? Interior & exterior. I am a highly visual person and need to see my colours working together. Hopefully in the future, it will all be computer aided - too late for us though.