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I am a SAHM who does work from home occasionally, dedicated to raising 3 Godly, independent, healthy children. Loving the home building process though it is not without challenges. I have fairly free reign over the creative aspect of the project...just not the financial side!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kids' study

...is pretty much finished now. A few more accessories to fill in shelves, a visit from the electrician and we are done. The children love using their own space for homework. Long may the novelty factor continue.



Girls' desk

H's side
I love it so much. Unfortunately I didn't think it through enough at planning stage and we have had to move powerpoints and light switches to accommodate the joinery - a cost I would have preferred spending on something else.


  1. looks great - do you find the 42 squares a big enough home, can i ask what the size of the kids bedrooms are?

  2. Plenty big enough! Some of the living areas downstairs,I would prefer just a little bigger. For a family of 5, we don't need more rooms. I will need to check out the size of the rooms but we find them a great size especially as they won't be having desks in their rooms.