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Friday, December 19, 2014

More new furniture

 Over the past few months more furniture has been arriving. I have been waiting until it is completely finished before posting but I think that time may be some time away. So here are some almost finished rooms.

A new rug to break up the tiles

Excuse the fitball - another 6 weeks until my chair arrives

A daybed come foldout guest bed

We will add a floating shelf above the desk early next year

LOVE the cushions

LOVE my new coffee table

A plant would go nicely in this corner

Some nice artwork over the lounge


  1. love your lounge where did you get it from?

  2. Sorry, been away. I will find out from Anastasia from re-do my space and get back to you!

  3. Absolutely amazing! so stunning. Whre is the hall console table from? I realised i haven't been subscirbed to get an email alert on your blog, so much ive missed out on, as i dont get on the forum much these days either.

  4. Forum? What forum?! I rarely visit either. Another question for Anastasia from re-do my space. I think she is on leave at the moment so it may have to wait. The hall console is one of my favourite pieces too.

  5. Just checking....the dark wood one or the white one?

    1. Sorry - the white one with the X pattern on the sides

  6. the coffee table i love where is that from?

  7. hi just chasing up where you got the coffee table? ;)

  8. Sorry! It has been hectic.
    If you give Anastasia from re-do my space a call, she will be able to direct you. 0411 050 417