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I am a SAHM who does work from home occasionally, dedicated to raising 3 Godly, independent, healthy children. Loving the home building process though it is not without challenges. I have fairly free reign over the creative aspect of the project...just not the financial side!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Calling it done!

....even though there are a handful of minor things to be completed next week. Things such as timber seating, pebbles laid, trimming some timber from retaining walls, a few more plants, guerneying the house/alfresco etc. The pool fence is rumoured to be done next Thursday which then leaves Concept Pools to finish off the pool. Maybe before the end of summer???

Here are some rainy twilight photos for you to enjoy.


  1. Thanks! We are thrilled with the result. now just need those plants to grow and grow!